Lift Your Face With A Youthful Look

Our Beauticians Helps You To Get The Right Eyelash Extensions That Adds Volume To Natural Eyelashes With A Lifted Face

Eyelashes Extension

Lashes extensions need perfection to get fuller eyelashes. The lashes extension gives you the look of mascara without putting it on and gets that smudged and messy clumps. With Masters Of Beauty Lounge, get a fuller, curlier, enhanced length and thickness of the natural eyelashes. The eyelash extension made from a range of materials such as mink, synthetic, human or horsehair. The method of eyelash extension done by attaching the eyelashes with adhesive to the natural eyelash lines. It lasts for six weeks with care which is not as same as false eyelashes.  

At Masters Of Beauty Lounge, we use both false and permanent eyelash extensions. Our team prepares the lashes depending upon the type of client's wants. We also offer a range of different looks for the eyelashes, such as for fuller look, natural look, volume lashes and more. We deliver the perfect lashes to our clients with professionalism. For eyelash extensions, regular fillings are also recommended by us every 2-3 weeks.

No Smudging And Messy Clumps For A Youthful Look

The eyelash extensions will not need mascara hence giving our clients the freedom from messy and smudged eyes.

Best Quality Lashes

Our eyelashes are made from high-quality and authentic materials.

Lifts Eyelashes

The eyelash extensions will help to give a lifted look to the eyes with a fuller look.

Waterproof Lashes

Extensions are water proof and will not get off when the clients go in the water.

Advanced Extensions

We deliver advanced extensions available in the market to clients.

Get To Choose From A Range Of Lashes With The Appearance Of Mascara On

We offer a range of advanced extensions available in the market for a better look to the clients. Creating a new look for any occasion is now easy with our range of eyelash extensions that have that extra volume, natural look and extra curl that suits the beautiful face with long-lasting touch.

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