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Waxing comes with a ton of benefits, such as less painful, long-lasting, removing hair from roots, and removing a large amount of hair at one go is less painful and easy. When the hair grows back, it will be smoother, finer, and weaker. It also exfoliates the skin and removes the dead cells leaving the skin smoother and cleaner skin. Our Masters Of Beauty Lounge experts offers safe, hygienic and long-lasting hair removal with client's comfort. The waxing last for a minimum of four to six weeks.   

We offer a range of waxing services that the clients can choose from and get done at their convenience. Our team has experience in providing the waxing service with comfort and ease. We make sure that the clients can get the best out of waxing with less growth. The right mix of experience, knowledge and products helps to achieve the perfect waxing. We also make sure that our clients get the most with our aftercare. 

Waxing Removes Large Area Hair At One Go

Remove a large amount of hair at one time with ease and commiseration by our beauty experts.

Long Lasting

Waxing lasts longer for about 4 to 6 weeks than any other hair removal method.

Less Painful

Our team makes sure that waxing gets done with most care with less pain.

Tranquil Treatment

Our waxing procedures are free from any disturbance and harmful chemicals.

Less Re-Growth

Waxing lessens the amount of hair re-growth with smoother and finer hair.

Exfoliation For Soft & Smooth Skin

Waxing does not only removes unwanted hair as well as exfoliates the skin from within by tweezing out the hair from roots. At Masters Of Beauty Lounge, we focus on delivering exfoliating waxing methods that leave the skin smoother with glowing skin. We also help the clients with waxing aftercare services.

Full Arms
from $ 30
Under Arms
from $ 15
Half Arms
from $ 25
Belly Area
from $ 20
Back Half
from $ 20
Back Full
from $ 30
Leg Half
from $ 20
Leg Full
from $ 40
from $ 40
Bikini Line
from $ 15
Full body Wax
from $ 150
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