Noticeable And Defined Brows & Lashes

The Perfect Solution For Beautiful And Bold Eyes With Masters Of Beauty Lounge


The natural colour, shape and size of brows and lashes are not always up to the mark. Tinting is the right solution for all the issues and accentuating beautiful and magnificent eyes. With tinting, one can get the right darker and bolder colour of the brows and eyelashes. Get a noticeable and darker brow with tinting by Masters Of Beauty Lounge's professionals. Our highly skilled professionals will help you to choose the right colour for brows and lashes from our wide range of tints. Our tints made from chemical-free substances. Tinting is a semi-permanent service that lasts for up to two to three weeks.

The tinting on lashes will make them look thicker and longer with the dark colour, and brow tinting will give it a shape with defined, noticeable and dark eyebrows. The tinting process is quick and non-surgical. It approximately takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes for applying the tint. It also takes 30 minutes to an hour for drying. The effect of tinting is noticeable and can give the right colour that the clients always wanted. Our professionals will help you with guidance and advice to take care of tinting for an enhanced look. 

Get Beautified Eyes Without The Clumps Of Eyebrow Definers

Tinting helps to get a darker and bolder colour for eyebrows that will not need any extra touch with the eyebrow set.

Range Of Tints

We offer a range of tints from which the client can choose according to their needs and likes.

Transient Colors

The tints are semi-permanent and will give a natural look without coming off in the water.

Quick Procedure

Tinting is a quick procedure that hardly takes 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the shape & style.

Beautiful Definition

With tints, the brows beautifully defined for a darker and noticeable brow with vegetable dyes.

Natural Method With Dyes For Bold Look

Our tints made under expert supervision. The tints are 100% natural made of organic materials, and hence they are organic dyes. These tints have no adverse effect on skin and will not smear off or get smudged. Our beauticians make the tinting process easier by explaining the procedure. They also explain the different tints that are available for the service.

Eyebrow Tint
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Eyelash Tint
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