Cosmetic Tattooing For A Fuller Look

Masters Of Beauty Lounge Beauticians Shapes And Styles The Areas According To The Clients' Needs

Micro Blading

Micro-blading is the method of getting semi-permanent tattooing on face parts such as eyebrows and lips. With Masters Of Beauty Lounge, we help our clients to get the right and perfect micro-blading services with professional assistance. The micro-blading effect lasts for 1 to 3 years depending upon the type of skin and the skincare methods used by the clients. The process is completed with the thin needle attached to a  hand tool and seeped into the skin. The method gets professionally done with extreme care.

Our team of professionals helps the clients to understand the process along with before and aftercare tips. Microblading is perfect for those who want to have a permanent look and not spend extra time in the morning to get ready. It gives the perfect natural and realistic look. The pigments used by Masters Of Beauty Lounge professionals match the natural colour or the colour clients want to get. 

Let's Work Together To Create The Perfect Shape And Style

With our micro-blading services, invest your time and money to create the perfect shape of your eyebrows and lip liner with the right style.

Enhanced Color

With our experts, get the right enhanced colour of your brows and lip lines.

Lasts For 1-3 Years

Our micro-blading effect lasts for one to three years with proper care.

Hygienic Practicing

We keep our salon clean and complete the process with hygiene.

Doesn't Smear Off

The effect does not smear off but might fade off little with the passing time.

Waterproof Microblading Pigments And Professional Guidance

The micro-blading service gives a semi-permanent look. This tattooing method is waterproof as well as smudge-proof, which means that it will not be blurred off but only get fade after a time. It needs proper care to last long. Our beauticians will help choose the right pigments depending upon the skin type and colour of brows and lips.

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