Get Perfectly Shaped Brows

Ancient Method Of Removing Hair With Accuracy And Efficiency


Threading is an ancient method to remove unwanted hair with ease and without the use of any chemicals. Masters At Beauty Lounge is a threading expert in Australia and are well versed and crafted with this traditional method. Threading is all about using a thin thread, twisting and rolling them over the unwanted hair and part of the face. This method is the best alternative to waxing as well as tweezing. Threading does not harm by removing the skin layer as in waxing. It leaves the skin layer as it is to protect it from sun damage.  

Masters Of Beauty Lounge beauticians have experienced threading experts. They will help you to remove the unwanted hair in very little time, leaving smoother and softer skin. Also, they will give a well-defined shape to your brows with the perfect arch that you always wanted. Our affordable prices will help you to maintain the perfect arch of brows and show your confident personality to the world.  

Better Plucking Precision With Defined Shapes

Our beauticians help the customers to get the precise shape and defined removal of unwanted hair for the perfect shape and style.

Accurate Shape

Get the accurate shape of brows with a sharp arch that you always wanted.

Less Discomfort

Our team make sure that our customers get threading in uttermost comfort.

Safe & Gentle

Our threading methods are safe and gentle without any harshness and scars.

Quicker Method

Threading takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the area that needs it.

Use Of Soft Cotton Organic Threads

We use soft threads made of organic cotton with extreme softness. These threads are smooth on the skin and do not harm it. Our beauticians choose the finest of threads for the customers to give them the desired result in a short time and with comfort and the client's convenience.

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