Waxing Or Threading For Brows - Which Is Better?

In times when you have so many choices, you do not want to be seen with a tweezer to pluck the hair of the eyebrows. Taking care of the eyebrows might be time-consuming but never enough. It is very tough to take care of the eyebrows to get the right shape yourself, so it is better to turn to a professional beautician. But the question then comes, what is good for your eyebrows - waxing or threading?

Tweezing is a big no as it breaks the hair and has a bad effect on hair follicles. Tweezing is a good choice for removing the extra rough hair left afterwards. So the two options left are waxing and threading. Here is the difference between the two methods and how the two methods have their merits and demerits on their own: 

Threading For Brows: Though eyebrow threading exists for a long time and is considered one of the easiest methods, it never fails to surprise us. Threading is still relatively new even after being in existence for about 100 years. The cotton thread with the wax coating twisted around the hair of the brow held tightly with the skin. It quickly pulls away from the hair from the follicles leaving smooth skin and the right shape of the eyebrows. 

Eyebrow threading is a better choice for people with sensitive skin, skin allergies or those who do not wish to have any effect on the skin. Threading is selectively precise. The expert beauticians who can roll the tiny hairs into the waxed threads can give the perfect shape and size to the eyebrows. Threading has very little prep and cleanup as compared to waxing. 

Without the skin held tightly, threading can cause small accidents such as tiny cuts. For some people waxing is less painful than getting the eyebrows threaded. Threading takes repeated efforts which makes it a bit painful. It also depends upon the skin type and capability of people to tackle the pain of threading for the eyebrows. 

Waxing For Brows: For eyebrow waxing, a small amount of warm wax is applied. It is applied to the region from which the hair will be removed by the technician. Then the technician applies a small paper strip, the paper is then removed quickly by pulling it up with the hair. As both threading and waxing have semi-permanent effects choosing the right method is important. Both will have effects that will last for few weeks. 

Waxing takes the same amount of time as threading. It is widely available and chosen by people who can not bear the pain of threading. Waxing is less painful and provides good results. With repetitive waxing treatments, many people can feel that they have softer and smoother eyebrow hair. People with thick eyebrows can specifically choose to wax as it can remove a good amount of hair at one time. 

Waxing is a good choice if one wants to feel the pain only for an instant. But here comes the twist, it is harder to get a precise finish for the brows with waxing. Also, people with sensitive skin or going through some skin treatments should specifically avoid waxing as it can cause bumps and rashes on the skin. 

In conclusion, waxing is good for thicker brows as it can remove a large amount of unwanted hair at one go, but it does not assure a precise finishing. Whereas threading is a continuous effort to remove the hair with waxed threads and assures a precise finishing with the perfect shape. Waxing is a big no for sensitive skin, whereas threading is the right choice. And as for threading, if you can tolerate a little bit of pain for a few moments then threading can do magic for the eyebrows.

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