This beauty salon doesn’t provide refund after you use the service. However, we are liable to refix the work or happy to assist you within 48hrs of the service been used. 

Our Beauty salon provide all service with the procedure which will be performed with utmost attention to safety and proper application using tools and products that the technician has been trained and certified to use. Any reaction happen after being used any of our service must contact us immediately so that one of our friendly staff assist you but you should be in touch within 48hrs. There will be charge of any service been used if you contact us after 48hrs period.

For instance, Any fall of lashes within two days and high can happen due to weather change, lifestyle, natural eyelash shedding, other factors or extreme hot temperature must contact within 48hrs and we are liable to refix without charging.

Any refix of lashes after 48 hrs will be charged according to days and weeks.

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